About me

I am a Research Engineer in computational neuroscience, working for Sorbonne Université in Paris, France. As a member of the computational neuroscience for sensory systems team at the Institut de la Vision, I work on free and open-source software tools for computational neuroscience and ocassionally dabble in computational neuroscience research. I also enjoy teaching computational neuroscience and software development, and am involved in a number of initiatives to make research software a first class research output, and to help researchers establish better software development practice.

I studied computer science at the TU Berlin (Germany), and the University of Sussex (UK), before doing my PhD in the group of Klaus Obermayer at the TU Berlin. I then went to Paris, to do a PostDoc with Romain Brette, first at the École normale supérieure and then at the Institut de la Vision, where I now have a permanent position as a Research Engineer.